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Save9 builds and protects online information infrastructures – helping organisations and individuals around the world unleash the power of digital information. Hosted IT, cybersecurity and ultrafast connectivity are part of a journey towards the next generation of technologies and we’re here to help you get there.

Cost and complexity are highly likely to be key factors in your decision making process – which is something Save9 promises to help you manage more effectively – from rural-broadband service selection to commercial/public-sector procurement of hosted IT services. Get a high-value service with lower overheads from Save9 to maintain better service reliability, scalability and security. Here are some of the many customers we’ve helped over the last 15 years or more…

Guidance on cyber security and data security of Dental Practice digital records

Dental Practice Magazine (Article by Steve Bromham of Save9) is aware that a number of UK practices are increasingly worried about the impact that any theft of computer equipment or loss of patient healthcare records stored on these systems might have on their business continuity. In response to this – clarifying the professional and legal […]

NHSScotland’s Cloud Computing Strategy

Steve Bromham of Save9 summarises guidance on NHSScotland’s cloud computing strategy and explores a comparison with NHS England’s approach It’s not difficult to imagine how – in first half of the last century – the pioneering manufacturers of motorised ambulances might have been challenged in selling their marvellous technological product to local and regional Health […]

PCI cyber security compliance for charity retailers

The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) version 3.1 standard dictates that an internally managed network security scanning and log auditing process must be established by all retailers who handle major credit and debit cards – specifically they must perform routine systems vulnerability scans and auditing of server/network access log files – which […]