• Save9-Rural-Broadband-Solutions

    Save9 Rural Broadband

    Superfast broadband for rural homes and businesses via cross-country wireless links

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  • Hosted-IT-Services-from-Save9

    Save9 Cloud Computing

    Professionally hosted IT services including Microsoft Exchange, Windows applications, File Sync and Symantec.cloud data security services

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We are Save9 – making businesses work smarter by providing enhanced Cloud Computing, Networking and Cybersecurity services that offer greater reliability, performance and security

Save9 builds and protects online information infrastructures – via a portfolio of secure computing and telecommunications solutions that help people and businesses around the world unleash the power of their digital information. Hosted IT and IP telecommunications are part of a journey towards cloud computing and Save9 helps customers build trust in this next generation of technology.

Cloud Computing

Share company applications, messaging and files over the internet with high levels of security and control.

Internet & Wireless

Effective network solutions including public/private wi-fi, IoT, radio mast rental and superfast broadband.

IT Support

Professional IT services for reliable business computing, networking and employee productivity.


FileMaker databases for better business productivity and WordPress for stunning fully-responsive websites.

The business goal of Save9 is to build long-term value-driven relationships with customers, successfully providing…

  • Better support and advice on hosted IT
  • Improved network security and reliability
  • Greater value for money

Capital expenditure and complex IT infrastructures are widely acknowledged to be a factor in lowering revenue margins, profitability and growth prospects – which is something Save9 promises to help customers manage more effectively. Go beyond traditional IT – empower your enterprise by lowering overhead costs whilst ensuring service availability, scalability and security.