Just how big is the Internet?

I like facts and figures. I have a fact that I like to repeat time and time again, even if the situation doesn’t really lend itself to a number-based fact (the best time to bring it out is when talking about the UK national debt, which currently stands at over £900 billion)……Did you know, that assuming you counted at one number per second, it would take a very long and I imagine quite dull 31 years, 251 days, 7 hours, 46 minutes and 39 seconds to count to one billion and 11.5 days to get to one million? Basically we are talking vast numbers but I recently stumbled across an infographic that showed just how massive the Internet is.


There are over 1.9 billion people Internet users around the World which equates to 5 million terabytes of data on the Internet (one terabyte is roughly 333,333 songs) and even though Google has indexed 200TB of that data it still only equates to 0.004% of the total size.


Facebook uses 60,000 servers to keep the sites’ 500 Million active users poking, updating and posting with limited interruption. The population of Facebook is way above that of the USA and if it was a country would sit only behind China and India and it stands to reason that it would keep growing and growing.

The figure head of the Web2.0 revolution was arguably YouTube and it is still mind-bogglinly popular today, it can maybe even be blamed for the rise of Justin Bieber as one of his songs attracted 344, 194, 152 views. Every minute of every day sees 24 hours of video uploaded and over 2 billion videos are viewed on the daily. If you view these figures as full-length films it equates to 60, 000 being uploaded every week.

Despite being the new kid on the block, Twitter still has over 106 million users and those users send 55 million tweets per day. This means that on average, 640 tweets are sent every second – that’s a lot of inspirtaional quotes and lunch break updates.

The future

The Internet is has undoubtedly changed the way we learn, love, rest and play for ever and it will continue to do that.

One out of every five couples, and three in five gay couple meet online – this is counteracted somewhat by reports that one in five divorces are blamed on Facebook!

In 2009, a US Department of Education study revealed that on average, online students out performed those receiving face-to-face instruction.

Getting a job
80% of companies use social media for recruitment, of which 95% of those use Linkedin.

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