Driving traffic to your site – Alternatives to Search Engines

The last blog post that I wrote looked at search engines and why it is worth considering more than Google and why you shouldn’t rely on one service to reach your customers. In this article I would like to discuss some ways of driving traffic to your site without relying on a user finding you through the busy and competitive search engines.

Look beyond basic listings
Of course it would naive to ignore the search engine completely but there are ways of appearing high on the listings without being at the mercy of changing algorithms. Many, if not all, search engines have sponsored listings and PPC (Pay Per Click) options where good performance can be achieved, at a cost.

In addition to this though, there are services like Google Places which often feed search results. These tend to be centred around locality and could certainly drive traffic should your business operate at a local level.

Social Media
The usual suspects (Facebook, Twittier and Linkedin) can be used to drive traffic to your site. Both Facebook and Linkedin have advertising streams so you can target specific users but you also have the opportunity to engage with customers who are already interested in your product or service. Actively engaging with potential and existing customers gives you the opportunity to offer tailored advice or put right any issues that would have otherwise gone unresolved. Also, don’t forget – their network can see what is going on and with each Facebook user having on average 130 friends, that’s a lot of exposure.

Try to share your knowledge with your customers. You will know your industry more than most, so try to position yourself as an authoritative source on it and be the go to site for such information. Make it so people bookmark your page and if they don’t want your products or services now, there will come a time when they do. A well-written and relevant blog post will encourage sharing and a wider range of people will find you.

Traditional Marketing
Get offline! Traditional media still has a part to play. Letters, posters and flyers can push a large amount of traffic and if targeted correctly it ensure so that your marketing material gets under the noses of the correct people. It also allows you to reach non-techy people and they can get physically passed around and filed.

If you have any more ideas taht you would like to share please levae your comments below.

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