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Backup software for computers and servers. JAVA based for cross-platform support. High-speed with multiple backup streams.

SEP sesam backup and disaster recovery solutions

SEP sesam

Corruption or destruction of your computer data is difficult to avoid. It can happen to any organisation, irrespective of the size or nature of business. Disaster-recovery-downtime, often over-looked by IT managers, alo has a devastating impact on productivity, bringing your entire organisation to a grinding halt, whilst IT personnel struggle with disaster recovery software tools and replacement data storage.

To avoid data loss and to increase up your organisation's ability to reduce disaster-recovery-downtime consider the benefits of SEP sesam; back up solutions designed for client/server architectures - from small data server environments to large heterogeneous data processing centres with large databases and scalable Storage Area Networks (SANs).

To meet the demands for high performance data security, SEP sesam utilises multiple, simultaneous back up streams to back up devices. This minimises the time required to perform scheduled and unscheduled system back ups. Low CPU utilisation and high transfer rates are assured through the use of SEP sesam’s patented back up processing algorithms. Through the use of platform independent JAVA, a uniform user interface is assured on all servers and clients.

Performance is second to none - 64 data streams, 128 bit data-encoding, job scheduling, secure transfer of backups via SSL across multiple firewalls and sites for business continuity plus special discounted offerings for small business users.

Virtual Tape Libraries

SEP sesam supports all standard back up devices, tape libraries and Virtual Tape Libraries. Virtual Tape Libraries emulate tape library functionality, including the autoloader, on hard drives. With today’s low priced, high capacity hard drives, SEP Sesam Virtual Tape Libraries increase flexibility and performance options for system back up and data security. With the SEP sesam Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape (D2D2T) feature an advanced archival storage can be implemented. This is very useful on critical data with high back up and restore performance requirements.

Novell GroupWise Friendly

If your organisation utilises Novell GroupWise and you need a GroupWise backup software solution then look no further; SEP sesam is Novell Certified. SEP sesam groupware online module for Novell GroupWise not only backs up GroupWise, it allows a user with SysAdmin assistance to restore individual mail messages that may have been lost or inadvertently deleted.

SEP sesam - Novell GroupWise Backup Software

Save9 Case Study: British Antarctic Survey

When the British Antarctic Survey organisation designed their new computing platform for their Antarctic research stations and ships - it was Save9 they called upon for a reliable and scalable backup and disaster recovery solution.

British Antarctic Survey

"When you're capturing huge amounts of environmental research data that is unique and precious then it is vital that you have a backup solution you can rely upon. We selected SEP sesam, specified by Save9, due to its robust and scalable nature and because it supports a wide range of operating systems" - B. Tullis, British Antarctic Survey

Operating Systems, Databases & Groupware Support

The SEP sesam server runs on all flavors of Linux, as well as FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, Tru64 and Windows (NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista & 2008). Where SEP sesam really starts to shine is with it's all inclusive support for backup targets. This includes Linux, IBM AIX, FreeBSD, HP/UX, IRIX, Mac OS X, Novell Netware, Novell Open Enterprise Server, Open VMS, IBM OS/2, Windows (including NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista & 2008), Reliant Unix, SCO Unix, Sinix, Sun Solaris, Sun OS, Tru64 and other Unix derivatives.

SEP sesam supported software and systems

Make simple work of backing up very large databases using SEP sesam's on-line database backup modules. The database modules are available for IBM DB/2, Informix, Microsoft SQL, mySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, as well as specialty databases like SAP/R3, SAP DB, MAX DB and Abas. It makes on-line backups of many proprietary and open source email data stores including Scalix, Novell GroupWise, Open-Xchange, Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007.

SEP sesam's UNIX and VMS heritage

SEP sesam is the first native Linux backup/restore and recovery solution ready to meet the demanding needs of complex heterogeneous enterprise environments.

Functional Description

  • Supports Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008, Linux, UNIX derivatives & Mac OS X
  • Simple installation & configuration
  • Requires little training & administration
  • Automatically identifies available tape drives, tape libraries, disk drives and other storage devices
  • Centralised & remote administration via common JAVA GUI for fast and easy administration
  • Up to 64 simultaneous data streams
  • Allows backup to a clients attached tape subsystem via remote system manager access
  • Supports LAN-free backups of SANs
  • Integrated scheduler to control all backup and restore tasks
  • Completely restore a Linux or Windows system without reinstalling the Operating System
SEP sesam backup and disaster recovery solutions - feature circle

Competitive Advantage

The competitive advantage for SEP sesam is quite simple to explain. It was designed and developed by computer engineers from the VMS and UNIX world. With the vast experience these engineers gained through years of dedicated and professional service, the transition to Linux for SEP sesam makes this product offering second to none.

Business Problem

Symantec (Veritas), Legato, Computer Associates and others don't offer a native Linux backup/restore and recovery solution today. Of those that do offer Linux based solutions today, SEP sesam has a far more comprehensive feature list. No other product on the market today offers 64 concurrent backup channels, LVM over software RAID and a graphical user interface with a consistent look and feel on all supported operating system platforms.

Business Opportunity

The complexity of backup management in multi-operating system environments is well known. There are four fundamental challenges with backups in general; they are time-intensive, they can be very large, if performed over a network they can consume immeasurable network bandwidth or cause congestion in routers and switches and they pose a significant security risk. SEP sesam offers strong solutions to address each of these challenges.

Return on investment

It is not unusual for a heterogeneous enterprise to have more than one backup/restore, disaster recovery or business continuity solution in use. In fact we have seen many locations with as many as four to six solutions in place. SEP sesam enables the consolidation of all disaster recovery solutions. The end-customer saves on software licensing fees, IT training, systems administration and ongoing support costs.

SEP sesam in virtualised server environments

SEP sesam supports the backup of virtual environments based on VMware and XEN Technology. Within a VMware environment SEP sesam supports the VCB (VMware Consolidated Backup) feature of VMware.

Disaster Recovery: Bare Metal System

To provide high availability for Linux, Windows and Solaris system environments the fully automated and uninterruptible online backup and recovery software SEP sesam can be combined with the disaster recovery solution SEP sesam 'BSR' (Bare System Recovery).

SEP sesam Bare System Recovery is an established disaster recovery software solution for automated restore on non-identical replacement hardware. SEP sesam Bare System Recovery backs up the operating system and hard disk configuration of critical servers. After failure of physical hardware or corruption of the operating system SEP sesam BSR provides fast and reliable automated recovery. SEP sesam BSR's Dissimilar Hardware Feature allows fresh driver installation during the recovery process enabling recovery to completely different server equipment. SEP sesam BSR is now in use by major organisations around the world. Powerful and easy-to-use, SEP sesam BSR enables the recovery of Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems after total data loss. In case of a system failure or crash, a complete system can be recovered in a very short time. In addition to the FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file systems many different hard disk configurations are supported (multiple partitions, extended partitions, numerous operating systems and RAID configurations).

The combination of SEP sesam BSR and SEP sesam backup software makes this ideal solution for enterprise-level disaster recovery.

SEP live recovery: Manageable Database Shadows

SEP live recovery guarantees the highest reliability, stability and availability for enterprise-level data. Utilising unique on-line modules, important database systems can be protected against data loss. SEP live recovery modules allow exact-time data recovery and reconstruction of a corrupt database immediately prior to the point of failure. This operation is controlled via a platform independent user interface (JAVA).

More than two-thirds of all system failures in the database environment are caused by user or software errors. These software errors often occur during software upgrades on ERP systems that have been fine-tuned for an enterprise’s operational requirements. In these situations high availability clustering does not prevent the occurrence of system outages since the problem has also been written into the surrogate database.

SEP live recovery offers a unique solution utilising delayed synchronisation. This allows the system manager to reconstruct the database to the exact moment before the point of failure. Interval length can also be selected by the user to fit specific software requirements or the system manager may dictate the intervals. With SEP Live Recovery data integrity and security are no longer left to chance.

Note: SEP Live Recovery is available for SAPDB/MaxDB and MySQL in the Linux environment. SAPDB/MaxDB support for Microsoft Windows operating systems will be available in the near future.

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