Terms and Conditions for .uk domain name registrations

Terms and Conditions for domain name registrations for .uk domain names

Please refer to Nominet’s Terms and Conditions for .uk domain name registrations.

How do Save9's domain name, SSL certificates and cloud computing renewal reminders work?
The Save9 renewal reminder process is designed to enable you to quickly and easily renew your internet products and services, without disruption or down time to your services. To ensure the quick and easy renewal of your products - we utilise an auto renewal system, meaning that your services remain fully updated and available to you.

Each customer will receive a renewal reminder in advance of their internet service billing date. The Billing Date is the date we will attempt take payment to renew your packages. For yearly billing period, you will receive your reminder 30 days ahead of your billing date. If you are on a monthly billing period, you will receive it 7 days ahead of your billing date.

If you fail to make payment on time - as agreed with, you Save9 reserves the right to temporarily suspend your services until payment has been made.

Once your service renewal has been processed, you will receive a renewal confirmation and invoice, showing you the product or service that has been renewed (as well as the domain name the service is linked to), the price including VAT and the payment method.

What happens if payment details for a renewal fails?

If your current payment details fail, we will reattempt renewal again. Should this fail, then 7 days after the expiry date, your service will be suspended. Payment will be attempted three more times; should the renewal fail each time, then after 28 days, your service will be removed.
Upon each instance of a failed payment, you will receive an email notification informing you that we have tried to take payment, but have been unsuccessful.

Domain-name related services and transferring or terminating your domain name

Save9's annual charge for domain-name registration includes additional related domain services at no extra cost - such as updating your DNS Server IP addresses, modifying DNS records (if we manage them on your behalf), transfers to other registrars and changing the registrant contact details. However - this does not include changing the official registrant name - a separate fee at Nominet's then current pricing will apply. In summary - with Save9 you have a flexible contract without penalty, should you decide to transfer your domain name to a new Registrar or terminate your domain name registration.

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