Save9 Caravan Wireless Internet – Booking Request Form

Are you ready for the fastest broadband service available on the Yorkshire Coast?

Key features of the Save9 Wireless 30Mbps Superfast service available to static caravan owners at holiday parks along the Yorkshire Coast:

  • Save9 provide the fastest internet services – offering a starter Superfast unlimited package of up to 30Mbps
  • We only charge during the caravan park season months (£19 + VAT per month) – no enforced 12 month contracts with Save9
  • Zero up-front payments, only after our equipment installation and you are happy with our broadband performance do we start billing
  • No download/upload caps or penalties – your bandwidth is unlimited with Save9 as long as it’s for your caravan-use only
  • 1 x neat mini-antenna is fitted outside your caravan – no unsightly or huge ‘bin-lid’ dishes
  • A one-off install charge of £90 + VAT includes Wi-Fi router, cabling, professional engineer time plus external antenna and any fittings that may be required

Note: As a commercial wireless network operator in the local area – Save9 guarantees broadband performance because we do not rely upon slower and less reliable technologies such as 3G/4G mobile data, satellite or shared residential internet, and our customer care levels are second-to-none.

Caravan Internet Service – Terms and Conditions:

Please ensure you read and agree to these Terms and Conditions for Caravan Internet Services [link opens in new tab] before making your booking with Save9.

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    What happens next?

    Once your booking request is made by pressing the button below - please wait 7 to 14 days for an email reply to confirm your booking so we can arrange a convenient date for your service install (usually four weeks+ from the booking request date). Note: Our install teams currently work Monday-to-Friday, not weekends and our sales admin team is experiencing very high volumes of bookings and sales enquiries at the moment - so please get in touch by email rather than phone to help us process your booking more efficiently. Thanks for your help on this and for waiting patiently for all email replies.