Hosted Telephony (VoIP – Voice over IP)

Need reliable and cost-effective business calling over the internet?

Save9 Professional VoIP Telephony Subscriptions with SIP-enabled Handsets

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is internet telephony – business telephone calls over a broadband connection instead of using a traditional office telephone system. Call quality is now better than that of standard telephone lines – without the negative high-cost associated with line rental, call spend and locked-in maintenance contracts.

  • Lower telephone call costs
  • Lower line rental (does away with costly traditional phone lines)
  • Zero cost calls between sites, co-workers and remote workers
  • Business Continuity – relocate handsets to any other site instantly
  • No PBX phone system required – all you need are handsets and internet access

Why should I choose Save9 to help deploy our new office phone system?
Three main reasons; flexibility, experience and cost. Firstly we’ll help you instantly setup a commercial account directly with the most appropriate international SIP network provider. Secondly – we’ve been doing this for many years so can help you avoid the pitfalls of poor QoS (Quality of Service) plus the common mistake we see on a routine basis – the incorrect selection of handset models – you’d be amazed in the difference of functionality between desktop phones. Lastly – we help you achieve lower running costs.

SIP versus VoIP?
Not really; Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the communication protocol that organisations widely use to start and finish multimedia communication sessions, such as voice and video calls. Whereas Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology that lets users make voice calls using an internet-enabled device over a broadband connection.

In summary, SIP is one of the protocols enabling VoIP – it facilitates the messages traveling between endpoints and the rules for the establishment and termination of each communication session. Organisations use SIP to transmit information between internet-connected endpoints.

Hosted Business Telephony

Make Save9 your preferred Voice over IP service provider that allows you to use the power of broadband to make and receive calls. Sign up for a 30-day trial then choose a UK phone number with any UK area code.

Locate your staff handsets anywhere you choose

You can deploy our SIP service on multiple handsets for all your staff and even have off-site mobile extensions for home office workers and branch offices. Start enjoying free calls between sites and stop ineffective/costly traditional phone services.

Better call handling

Make Save9 your preferred Voice over IP service provider that lets you use the power of broadband to make and receive calls.

Book an appointment

Choose a free initial discussion meeting date (online) about your VoIP project needs with one of our local telecoms consultants.

Talk to us

Phone us on 01723 817999 to discuss your telephony project requirements (note: office opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm).

Enterprise-level call management as standard

Professional call routing and handling as standard (e.g. Auto Attendant, Diverts, Voicemail, etc.) is delivered over your internet connection. All your business needs is our recommended SIP telephone handsets for delivering crystal-clear Voice over IP conversations with your customers and suppliers.

Maintain your professional customer service levels

Your phone system is the public face of your business, so getting the right hosted IP telephone service and handsets are vital. Contact Save9 today for help and advice in setting up your internet-based office phone system.

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