Save9 Internet services subscription via BACS Direct Debit using Stripe

Save9 BACS Direct Debit – we use the Stripe Payment Gateway service

A BACS Direct Debit is an instruction from a customer to their bank or building society authorising Save9 to collect agreed subscription amounts from their account via a payment company called Stripe, as long as the customer has been given advance notice of the collection amounts and dates.

Stripe Payments UK Limited is regulated by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (reference number: 900461)

Monthly payments by BACS Direct Debit to Save9

A BACS Direct Debit is the cheapest, most efficient way to settle your account and is Save9’s preferred payment method for subscription internet services. When paying by BACS Direct Debit you are still in complete control of what you settle to Save9 and when. By using Stripe – Save9 can collect the payment directly from your bank account on an agreed date; so you don’t need to generate a repeating payment with your bank. You are completely covered by the conditions of the UK’s Direct Debit Guarantee that both Save9 Limited and Stripe must legally comply with.

How to get in touch about BACS Direct Debits
If you’re not clear about any of the things we’ve explained in this BACS Direct Debit form, or if you’ve got any questions, queries or concerns – please get in touch at

If you think we have breached the UK’s Direct Debit guarantee, or you want to complain about how we are using BACs Direct Debit services, you can find our full contact details on our Contact Us page.